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COVID-19 Daily Tracker

The District has been working closely with the Lake County General Health District to plan for a safe school year. Part of this planning includes the steps we take when we learn someone in our school community tests positive for COVID-19.
Each COVID-19 positive case we are made aware of is investigated by our District Nurse (Heidi Perry) as well as a public health official from the Lake County General Health District. As part of this public health investigation:

  • The person diagnosed is kept home from school until they are no longer infectious. 
  • The person’s activities when they could have spread COVID-19 is assessed. 
  • The Lake County General Health District now requests that individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 communicate directly with people that they may have come in close contact with to notify them of possible exposure. Riverside staff members may also assist with contact tracing. If anyone is identified as a close contact, then he or she must quarantine as directed by either the Lake County General Health District or the Riverside Local School District's Nurse.
Below are the amount of positive cases per day within the District throughout the past two weeks: 
*This page is updated every weekday – Monday through Friday – at 3 p.m.

Friday, March 5
No reported cases

Thursday, March 4
No reported cases

Wednesday, March 3
Two individuals at Riverside Campus

Tuesday, March 2
No reported cases

Monday, March 1
No reported cases

Sunday, February 28
No reported cases

Saturday, February 27
One individual at Buckeye Elementary

Friday, February 26
One individual at LaMuth Middle School

Thursday, February 25
No cases reported

Wednesday, February 24
One individual at LaMuth Middle School

Tuesday, February 23
One individual at Riverside Campus

Monday, February 22
No cases reported

Sunday, February 21
No cases reported

Saturday, February 20
No cases reported

Friday, February 19
No cases reported